Our first visitors of the summer were these busy bees. They were working hard to ensure we have a bumper crop of cherries, saskatoons and veggies.

Cherry Pepper jelly is a recent addition to our​ repertoire. Delicious as an appetizer with a little cream cheese on a cracker, or a savoury addition to your Christmas feast.

Caution: may bite back!

Everyone loves our pickled carrots! 
We were happy to share some of our delicious

delectables with the Cochrane Activettes for their 2017 Share Your Christmas Campaign.

This year, they brought food and gifts to 239 families in the area.

Thanks to the Cochrane Farmers' Market for having us for the 2017 season. Thanks to everyone who comes out and supports those that Make, Bake and Grow. See you next year.


What are we up to on the farm?


Our herbs are good enough to eat. Our greenhouse smells amazing!

Panik Nuna Farm

This past winter in Southern Alberta was a harsh one, and it was especially hard on our orchard. We had an extremely dry summer in 2017 and very little snow cover in the early winter. That was followed by piles of snow and wild temperature fluctuations; from extremely warm to freezing cold. Because there was very little ground reserves, many of our trees suffered extreme losses, especially our Evans Cherry trees. We have several varieties of prairie cherries so we will have a crop this year, although very limited. We still plan on attending Markets this summer, but will have limited products.

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